Warren & Gray – The original Swinging Waiters!

Our Singing Waiters show is the perfect way to add something truly unique and memorable. Performances throughout the UK, Europe & Middle East have cemented Warren & Gray as the ‘must have’ surprise act for any event!

The Singing Waiters

The show never fails to deliver the perfect balance of elegance, class, energy and a wonderful memory for you and your guests to treasure.

We have performed at small intimate functions as well as huge luxury events such as The Arabian Gulf Yachting Awards and The Grazia Magazine style awards in Dubai.

The response is always the same…they loved it!

The Swinging Waiters Performance


The whole emphasis of the show is to provide a huge surprise, laughter and fun whilst remaining sophisticated.

Establish a Rapport

We mingle with your guests, establishing a rapport, the guests getting to know us and vice versa. These subtle interactions make us more memorable, which in turn gives the reveal more impact!


The deception starts at the drinks reception. We meet and greet guests posing as staff of the venue. Warren as the sophisticated, pristine head of catering, Gray as the Hungarian delinquent with a poor grasp of English and partial to a tipple or two of vodka.


Posing as wine waiters throughout the meal whilst Gray (or Orga as he calls himself) gets more and more unsteady on his feet. This always creates great amusement.


To get guests attention a big announcement is made at the end of the main meal by Orga ‘Do somebody here leave phone in man toilet?’ For this you have to use your imagination and put on your best Hungarian accent!

Song and Dance

Looking at each other perplexed, guests are in a slight state of shock. The music starts, we burst into song and dance! Laughter ensues and the penny drops that they’ve been duped!

It’s a wonderful, memorable addition to a party and the reason why we are the best and successful at what we do.

We can also offer our ‘legends of swing show ‘ as an additional evening package to compliment our surprise swing waiters show. Please browse the booking options page for more details.

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Recent Comments

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‘Your interaction with the audience was sublime and the subtle humour leading up to your Singing performance was absolute class!’
‘Our guests were talking about your performance for days after our wedding, Thank you so much!’
‘You were the highlight of our day, we can’t wait for the next opportunity to book you!’
‘You had everybody fooled, I can’t believe our guests felt so sorry for you they had a whip round!’
‘So many people came up to us afterwards (in tears of laughter!) to tell us their stories of what you two were up to on our wedding day, you obviously love what you do and it shows. Thank you for putting the icing on the cake.’
‘We couldn’t believe you weren’t miming! So good were your voices, my wife is now insisting we book you for our anniversary!’