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Sheree Hewson – “Your performance at my daughters wedding was sublime, outstanding talent”

Sheree Hewson Testimonial

Sheree Hewson

Robson Greene – Langley Castle. “Excellent entertainers, I enjoyed our little impromptu performance!”

Robson Greene Testimonial

Robson Greene
Dear Tommy & Jonny It’s difficult to know where to start, but I’m getting in touch to say the biggest thank you for making Friday night so special for us and our guests. As wine waiters, I think Orga needs a little more training… However, as the best entertainment we could have wished for – you both ticked all the boxes!

We had the challenge of bringing together an event for international visitors and colleagues – and finding some form of entertainment that would appeal to everybody. Our selection of the Rat Pack Boys was based purely on the feedback we read on your website and our experience with you from start to finish was seamless.

I had read feedback previously from somebody who said they were looking for another event/party to organise so that they had an excuse to book you again. We know how they feel.

One word. Stunning. They REALLY made our wedding ultra special ! Their talent as not only singers but all around entertainment is quite amazing. I am a classically trained musician myself and have a highly critical ear for all things musical and it is fair to say that they totally exceeded all expectations I had of them. Equally, the musical samples on their website don’t do them justice.

Yes the samples give you a general idea of their singing ability but do not give you any indication of their talents as entertainers too. They were worth every penny and more as far as all of my guests and both of us were concerned and it gave everybody something they will never ever forget. Many of my guests are still talking about their performance weeks later and I know that some of my guests are considering booking them for other events in the future.

We had the “surprise” singing waiters show and even though my Father was in on the fact we had some entertainment, he was completely fooled by them and genuinely surprised when they revealed themselves at the wedding breakfast. My wife and I are looking forward to a live performance they are doing and will be straight there to get some tickets as soon as they become available. That should tell you all you need to know about them!

David McCavery
Hi Tommy and Jonny!!!!! Just an email to say a huge thank you for your fantastic entertainment and helping us celebrate Joseph’s Ten Year Anniversary, which was truly an unforgettable night!!!!! Our guests truly believed you worked in the diamond industry and were speechless when you both started to sing!!!!!

The entertainment you both provided was excellent and very good fun….. ‘Amazing, the evening was going incredibly well and it simply kicked up to another level when the boys revealed who they really were, the look of amazement on guests faces was worth its weight in gold!! It was simply two lots of entertainment in one as the boys had our guests eating out of the palm of their hands playing the role of Hungarian Diamond Dealers, before revealing their true identity.

They made a great night a magnificent one.. Thank you..’ I hope your ok, many thanks for great entertainment and helping us celebrate Joseph’s Ten Years. Hope to see you both again soon!!!!! Best wishes.

Sean Josephs

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